Agouti masternode setup guide for windows

last updated: 10-07-2018


  1. A local computer running under Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (x64 only) and working 24/7
  2. 3001 or more AGU as collateral (3000 AGU + 1 AGU to cover the transaction fees).
  3. Agouti wallet for windows.
  4. Fixed external IP address. Rent it from your internet service provider.


  1. Open the wallet
  2. Go to menu "Settings > Options"
  3. Select "Wallet" tab, check "Enable coin control features" and "Show Masternodes Tab" checkboxes and click "ok" button.
    when restarting app, a new tab "Masternodes" will be displayed.

  4. Go to menu "Tools > Debug console"
  5. Type getaccountaddress "Masternode1", and press "enter" key. Copy it to notepad (something like 9xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7sf4sJB7xxxxxxxxxxs)
    NB: A new receiving address named "Masternode1" will be created.

  6. Type masternode genkey, press "enter" key.
    NB: Copy that key to notepad, you will need it later. Something like xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWzueUX2wdmMogsbpWoxxxxxxxxxxxx).

  7. Click on "Send" Tab
  8. Paste "Masternode1" address value (step 5) in "pay to" textbox, select an amount of 3000 coins.
  9. Uncheck "SwiftTX" checkbox and click on "send" button.
  10. Confirm sending by clicking on "yes" button.
  11. Accept transaction fees by clicking on "yes" button.
    It will appear as "Payment to yourself" and minus commission only. That is ok. Wait for 6 confirmations. It will take about 5 minutes. To check confirmations just double click on transaction.
  12. Go to menu "Tools > Debug console"
  13. type masternode outputs and press "enter" key.
    NB: Copy text only to notepad without quotes and brackets. It will be your collateral_output_txid and collateral_output_index

  14. Go to menu "Tools > Open masternode configuration file
  15. add masternode information like this:
    alias YOUR_PUBLIC_IP:5151 masternodeprivkey collateral_output_txid collateral_output_index
    You can get your public ip by accessing to the following url
    masternodeprivkey was generated at step 6
    your collateral_output_txid and collateral_output_index were generated at step 13
  16. Save and close
  17. Go to menu "Tools > Open wallet configuration file" and change the setting like this
    masternodeprivkey=THE KEY SAVED ON STEP 6

    NB: Replace YOURUSER and YOURPASSWORD by your own values
  18. Save and close
  19. Open port 5151 on your firewall (windows, router, ...), and create NAT if needed
  20. Open the wallet, and wait for full synch
  21. Check the transaction of step 7
  22. Click on "Masternodes" Tab
  23. Select your masternode and click on "start alias" button
  24. Wait for 10, 20 min and your masternode status should change to ENABLED.