Amazon Web Services

Unbuntu 16.04 VPS setup guide with Amazon Web Services

last updated: 08-19-2018

  1. Sign-in to the AWS portal at
  2. Select a location in the upper right-hand corner of the AWS portal.
  3. In the "AWS Services" area, click on "All services" and select "EC2"

  4. Click on "Launch Instance" button.

  5. Select "Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type" image

  6. Choose an instance type and click on "Review and Launch" button

  7. Check your instance configuration and click on "Launch" button

  8. Create a new key pair and click on "Download" button and then click on "Launch Instance" button

  9. Click on "Services" and then "EC2" menu
    Under "Network and security" section click on "Elastic IPs".
  10. Click on "Allocate new address" button

  11. Click on "Allocate" button and then on "Close" button

  12. Select your new elastic IP and clik on "Action" button and then "Associate address" link

  13. Select your VPS instance in dropdown list, select VPS Private IP and click on "Associate" button

    NB: ip won't change even if you reboot your server.