Unbuntu 16.04 VPS setup guide with Vultr

last updated: 07-20-2018

  1. Sign-in to the Vultr portal at
  2. Choose a server location

  3. On server type, click on "Ubuntu" and select "16.04 x 64" version

  4. On server size, select on size.
    NB: the cheapest one only enables ipv6

  5. On Additional feature, check "Enable private network" checkbox.
    Your other (future) servers will be able to communicate with each other by using internal ip address.

  6. On Server Hostname & Label, type a server hostname.
    Label will be generated based on your hostname. You can modify Label if needed.

  7. Click on "Deploy Now" button. Your server will be activated in few minutes.
    To manage your server click on "servers" button (top left) and select "instances" tab.
    Ip address and login information are available on server detail.